High Fives


Photo By Anna Yarrow

Kirk is true to her experiences and who she is, regardless of what any of us think. You can tell how much confidence she has in her own skin. That’s the sort of thing I’d like to strive for. Normalcy is overrated. ~ Chick Lit Central 

Diana Kirk exudes personality, honesty and confidence in her self and the many roles she performs. I took a little time to research her, by that I mean Googled and Facebooked, and would add intelligent, curious, and authentic to her voice. She shares her raw unfiltered story with bite, yet layers of compassion and vulnerability of life in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Licking Flames is like taking a swig of good unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. ~ Portland Book Review

Licking Flames is like watching Courtney Love sing ‘My Way.’ At turns funny and biting, Kirk offers a sharp exploration into what it means to be a bold woman in a world built by and for men ~ Ariel Gore author of The End of Eve

Diana Kirk doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks about her and that’s why her writing is so appealing. ~ The Psychology of It

Sexy, raw, at times funny, and so so real. I read the whole thing in one sitting, and by the end, I felt like I’d hung out with my best friend. ~ Kerry Cohen author of loose girl: a memoir of promiscuity

Only 2 books made me almost drown in the bathtub from laughing too hard while reading – and this was one of them.  The essays are all over the place in tone.  Some are heartfelt and wonderful, some are angsty with shocking events revealed, and some are downright raunchy.  I loved them all! ~ Dew on the Kudzu

Kirk’s essays are delicious and satisfying, like slipping away from a stuffy party to drink wine and eat pancakes, or spilling your biggest secret to the one friend who will truly appreciate it. Bold, funny, and unapologetically real. ~ Megan Kruse author of Call Me Home

All of the essays were damn good and some were brilliant. Kirk has a very muscular style of writing.  ~ Milo Samardzija author of Wassermann Gardens

When you read something that makes you laugh, cry and snort tea all over your keyboard-sometimes in the same sentence-then you’ve found an author you can really get into. One day I hope to meet Diana Kirk in person, preferably at a bar where I can buy her a drink, get up to some shenanigans and talk the night away. ~ Kate Pearce NYT and USAT Bestselling author.

Diana Kirk peels herself like an onion, revealing a vast array of incarnations from horny bumbling teen to mortuary receptionist; house-flipping mama to humbled international volunteer. ~ Ayun Halliday author of No Touch Monkey

Your writing and a tab of acid could change the minds of many young people today. ~ Rick Peck  founder of The Universal Church of the Good Monkey…

Diana Kirk asks unladylike questions about everything. She speculates on the motivations and grisly details behind our official narratives. The vignettes in Licking Flames reveal a spirit born to defy stereotype: Kirk’s narrator cannot be content as a mother or a businesswoman; she propels herself into new encounters with a primal appetite. From her brief time working in a funeral home to her travels in Morocco and Sri Lanka, from the dating habits of Mormon teens to foggy encounters in an after-hours Detroit rave, Kirk finds herself making enemies and unexpected friends. Kirk serves as a humane and comic guide, probing the nature of her lovers and chance encounters in such an intimate way that I find myself wanting to know where these characters are now, ten to twenty years after the events in the book have taken place. ~ Jennifer Robin  Author of Death Confetti

“This book is like a breath of fresh air…in a smoke filled bar. Two ass cheeks up or five stars. Whatever you prefer!” ~ Amy Zellmer Author at Huffington Post