Carmac the Magnificent

My first introduction to stand up comedians was Eddie Murphy’s DELIRIOUS. Then RAW. It was probably on HBO in the early eighties when movies would be played thirty eight times in one month because I have entire scenes memorized. The story about his Mom making hamburgers better than McDonalds? The I shot the sherriff scene. I remember Tonight Show monologues too. And Arsenio Hall. Arsenio talking about the “clean wipe” and then the wipe that requires “an entire roll of toilet paper.” Johnny and his Carnac the Magnificent (I still do that one around my kids that get how the game is played but have no idea who Carnac ever was.) I once won a contest because I knew a piece of Andrew Dice Clay trivia. That he was in the movie Pretty in Pink. The bouncer Duckie always hungout with. I loved Sam Kinison. I felt like he was the dirtiest comedian I’d ever heard. How people sometimes describe Richard Pryor’s early days. I saw Kinison live once. He spit at the audience. And we laughed. I had a tape of one of George Carlin’s shows and played it on loop in my car. I watched the entire Billy Connolly series called Billy, then read all of his wife’s books. All of them were before the day of “PC” white washing. Comedians no longer perform on college campuses. Which is where Chris Rock and Steve Martin began their careers. Jerry Seinfeld talks openly about how young people have ruined comedy in his series, “Getting Coffee with Comedians.” A show I’ve watched religiously. Which probably isn’t that important to young people except comedy is a release and without it, we become too self important. Which is funny, it’s exactly how young generations are described now. Bill Burr has a special called, “Let it Go.” In it, there’s a scene that is hilarious. He talks about how women are confusing with their feminism and yet they want you to, “open the door at the restaurant” and later that night, “put your foot on their head while ramming it hard from behind.” Comedy is supposed to be inappropriate. It’s supposed to be painful. It’s supposed to be non PC. I have enjoyed all of it as a feminist. Because I can read and listen with intent. I can understand intent and know people are far more layered than surface levels. And if someone else can’t, if someone wants to get outraged…which is what people should be called now, The Outraged Citizen Brigade, then everything will make them outraged. It’s their adult life motto. To be outraged and offended and sobeit.


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