I finally made it onto radio…and it was NPR. 

I was very honored this past weekend to be interviewed by the radio famed host Mr. Norman Be. We had a great time discussing my book, feminism and Maxine Waters. Life made. 
“Diana Kirk does not keep us guessing if she is writing from experience. In fact, the Portland, Oregon-based writer is deliberately provocative, “This book is a memoir. Ish, So, it’s all totally true. Kinda. Except for the parts that aren’t.” She says with an impish smile. Her book Licking Flames, Tales Of A Half-Assed Hussy has been called, “Sexy, raw and funny,” and “Like listening to Courtney Love sing My Way.“ Diana Kirk has written unapologetically brash essays on sex, drugs, and travel. She spins stories of her imperious teen years, bodacious exploits as a young adult and prickly tales of a grown woman who makes and breaks rules. Norman B will interview Diana with one finger hovering over the seven-second delay button, next on Life Elsewhere.”
Check out the interview here…



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